Welcome to the new UNDAC Website!

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We are thrilled to introduce you to the new UNDAC website, your go-to resource hub for all things related to UNDAC and our network around emergency response coordination.

Explore the wealth of information on our website, including details on the UNDAC network, insights from the Advisory Board, and updates from past missions, activities, and members through personal testimonies. Stay informed and connected with upcoming events and initiatives by subscribing to our newsletter (forthcoming – stay tuned).

As part of our commitment to enhancing efficiency and staying abreast of latest developments, we are excited to unveil the latest edition (8th) of the UNDAC Handbook, a comprehensive guide to navigating emergency response coordination effectively. While the short/printed version is slated for release in summer (exact date pending confirmation), we invite you to dive into the extensive online version available now.

Don’t forget to check out our Resources section, where you’ll find essential reference documents conveniently linked for easy access.

Join us on this journey of collective action and knowledge sharing as we work together to strengthen emergency response efforts worldwide. Welcome aboard!