Management of an UNDAC team falls under the role of the UNDAC Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader. These two roles have distinct differences but also overlap. Furthermore, an UNDAC team is often expected to exercise leadership and be at the forefront of the coordination process. To do this, we need to know a few things about working in teams, leadership and management – next to safety and security procedures.

The first subchapter (Team Management) discusses team dynamics, coordination strategies, and leadership models pertinent to the UNDAC concept. Additionally, it explores OCHA surge mechanisms and integrated approaches, providing guidance on collaborating with OCHA country and regional offices, and informs about the OCHA Duty of Care framework. Moreover, this chapter presents the Guide for UNDAC Team Leaders, offering practical insights and recommendations organised by topic and cross-referenced with relevant chapters in this handbook.

The second subchapter (Safety and Security) introduces UN security management procedures, how they relate to an UNDAC team, links to further reading and tips and hints about personal safety and security.