These hazard summaries offer a general overview of the potential impact of the most common natural hazards that UNDAC teams may be deployed to. They aim to assist in understanding the impact and priority needs in the immediate aftermath of a sudden-onset disaster caused by a natural hazard-related disaster in an affected society.

Furthermore, they aim to develop hazard-specific literacy among UNDAC members to better understand the challenges of operating in an area affected by natural hazard-related disasters and how they can impact the UNDAC mission.

The summaries are not meant to offer a detailed analysis of the specific impact of different hazards in various settings. It’s important to thoroughly assess the context during deployment, as each disaster has its own unique characteristics, and contextual factors will greatly influence humanitarian needs and response. The summaries can, however, be used as a starting point after an alert of a hazard impact has been received to prepare for an emergency response and guide further information collection.