A sophisticated operational approach is key to an efficient and effective humanitarian response. UNDAC Operations is where situational awareness, the UNDAC Cornerstones, and all coordination approaches, from disaster management to humanitarian coordination, come together. This chapter looks at how UNDAC approaches coordination, and what practices and procedures may be used to achieve the best possible outcome of the team’s work. The what of humanitarian coordination as it relates to UNDAC missions is covered in the Background theme, while this chapter focuses on the how of coordination and the diverse elements feeding into humanitarian coordination.

The chapter covers 13 subchapters:

  1. Coordination methodology
  2. Centrality of Protection and quality response
  3. IASC Emergency Response Preparedness (ERP) Approach and Anticipatory Action
  4. Localization
  5. Facilitating humanitarian access
  6. Inter-Cluster/Sector Coordination (ICC/ISC)
  7. Private sector engagement
  8. Humanitarian Response Planning and humanitarian financing
  9. Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA)
  10. Coordination Cells (USAR, EMT, CMCoord)
  11. Disaster logistics
  12. Environmental hazards and emergencies
  13. Regional approaches